Your Ultimate Collection Agent

Learn what YUCA can mean for you!

YUCA is the tool used by iFlux to manage their groundwater measuring networks

  • Centralize all your data using iFlux sensors, external sensors, weather-data, environmental data, open data ...
  • Simplify maintenance clear alerting to show which sensors need maintenance and track interventions
  • Enable insights Allow user-friendly inspection of collected data and map-based visualizations how groundwater flows
  • Predictive Leveraging the latest technologies we can predict future events

In short, iFlux uses YUCA to monitor and safeguard the correct operation of our sensors, and provide insights to our customers regarding the movements of the groundwater.

If you think you already should have access please feel free to contact us .


Making groundwater dynamics visible

We enable optimal groundwater management based on objective data. At iFLUX, we combine state-of-the-art measurements with in-depth expertise to produce actionable insights.

The outcome: productive collaborations with partners and clients who share our goals for more efficient remediation and insightful groundwater monitoring.


In a world where only a small portion of our water is suitable for consumption, groundwater plays a crucial role. Sustainable groundwater management is essential to secure reliable drinking water supplies and protect the environment.

Our mission is to actively contribute to addressing the growing water issue by continuously innovating measurement techniques, offering profound expertise and experience in the remediation and groundwater monitoring sectors, and collaborating with like-minded partners and clients who share the same objective.